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Text Box: LB White TSO80 Tent Heater


The LB White TSO80 Tent heater provides safe, quiet and comfortable heating to our tents. 

Air Output (Heated): 520 CFM at 80,000 BTUH.  The hard part of calculating the heat or British Thermal Unit per Hour (BTUH) required for a tent  comes into play when attempting to calculate the BTUH for the human body as each member of your wedding party contributes to the total environmental temperature under the tent.  How active each person becomes during the event drastically changes the amount of BTUH. 
Example (Du Bois area: The surface area of skin of an "average" adult is 1.8 m2 (1.8 x 10.76 = 19.368 ft2) The total heat production of an "average" person at rest per hour is 58.2 x 1.8 = 104.76 = 105 watts (18.4 x 19.368 = 356.37 = 356 Btu's per hour). 

From what I can tell from the manufactures of tent heaters their focus is on providing BTUH temperature rise a calculation made based on square feet and estimated temperature desired. 

Example:  Tent size 40'x80'=3200SQFT say it is 40 degree outside and the desired temperature is 70 degree requiring a 30 degree rise in temperature.  This would require a 24,000 BTUH tent heater.  However, if you take the average person at rest per hour of 356 BTUH and multiply 320 people sitting under a 40x80 tent (356 BTUH per person x320 guests = 113,920BTUH).  This does not mean you don't need a tent heater as the thermal insulative property of 16 ounce vinyl and the amount of thermal loss from wall seams & doorways etc. equates to substantial thermal loss.  The tent heater is intended to supplement the environmental temperature of the tent by improving rise temperature.  Sam's Rental is evaluating thermostats for our tent heaters to improve your ability to control the temperature environment in the tent.